Tools Needed:

Check the lugs of your watch for holes on the side. If the lugs have holes you’ll be able to use a toothpick or object to poke the spring bar out. If not you will need a flathead screwdriver or knife. 

Removing The Spring Bars:

If the lugs have holes simply push the object down the hole, and pull the strap. You may need to repeat this process on both sides depending on the strap and spring bars. If the lugs do not have holes follow these steps. First, flip the watch over making sure the case back is visible. Second, push the flathead or knife between the band and lug. Third, hold the flathead or knife down and push away from the lug. 


  • Make sure the flathead or knife is staying pushed down.
  • Try from the other lug with the same process.
  • Buy a specialized tool. (Search spring bar removal tool)

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